The Week in Social #181

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On what’s coming in 2016 and planning for it.

Don’t wait for spring; Cision wants to help you out now with 3 Ways to Clean Up Your Social Media Strategy by Susan Payton. Start the new year off with a sparkling social strategy.

In things both seasonally appropriate and to get you thinking about the future, Andrew Hutchinson writes about the latest in video for Social Media Today in Facebook Showcases the Potential of 360 Degree Video, Highlighting Charities and Causes. But don’t panic that you need to scrap your whole content marketing plan for a VR-rich plan just yet:

“But while the hype machine around VR will shift into top gear over the next 12 months, it’s likely going to take a little longer yet before virtual reality becomes a actual, tangible option for most people. As with all tech advancements, progress is limited by capacity – not everyone will be able to afford an Oculus Rift straight up, not everyone will see the need to trade up to VR just yet. That time will come, no doubt, but it’s more likely that we have at least one more iteration of video content in between before we’re able to move onto that next plane of full virtual reality experiences. That iteration, which we’re now seeing advance at a rapid rate, is 360 degree video – and mark my words, this will be a major trend for video content in 2016.

For more predictions around what’s coming in 2016 for marketers, start with Mark W. Schaefer’sFour profound marketing megatrends for 2016 and beyond.

If your brand does a lot of holiday season business, don’t lose out on building relationships with those customers. Geoff Smith breaks down how in How to Build Relationships With Customers You See Only Once a Year for Marketing Profs.

On content marketing.

To help with all your content marketing planning needs in 2016, we recommend the 14 best branded Instagram videos from November 2015 by Jack Simpson for Econsultancy (and in fact their entire series of these roundups from throughout the year if you need more video content marketing inspiration).

Finally, if you want to start infusing your content marketing with humor in the new year, read How To Use Humor in Content Marketing by Jessica Ann for Marketing Insider Group.

Image source: The Found Animals Foundation.