Tumblr’s top communities in 2015

Over the years we’ve taken an in-depth look at a number different communities on Tumblr: how they talk, what they think is funny or poignant, the types of content they’re the most interested in, and more. It’s been a while since we checked in some of Tumblr biggest communities, so we thought we’d take a look at the top Tumblr communities in 2015.

(Wondering how do we do this analysis? With our very own Tumblr analytics, of course.)

The numbers

When we look at a community on Tumblr, there are a few measures we take into consideration. First, we look at original posts created during a particular time period that use a set of tags related to a topic or community. In this case, we’re looking at one month. Then we look at the total number of notes posts with those tags received – that includes reblogs and likes. We also look at the number of unique community participants – those who have posted, reblogged or liked some related content. Finally, we measure engagement rates by looking at the average number of notes per post in a community. You can see the numbers here. Remember, these are for one month of Tumblr activity across all public posts.

Top Tumblr Communities in 2015

The analysis

Fashion is still Tumblr’s largest community. It’s been one of the biggest and most active communities on Tumblr for years. In the past month, there have been nearly 2 million new posts using one of the main fashion tags (like fashion, style, photography, vintage, grunge). Those posts have received more than 16 million notes! That’s a ton of activity.

Some of the other communities stand out for different reasons. For example, the television community on Tumblr is one of the platform’s most vibrant. While only about 65,000 new posts were uploaded in the past month, those posts have received a huge response, averaging more than 50 notes per post. That’s a lot of engagement – way more than most communities get. The most used tag is tv, but the television tag gets more engagement on average. If you’re trying to reach this audience, try both and see how your results vary.

Also interesting is the food community. More than 3.2 million different people have posted, shared or liked food content on Tumblr in the past month – that’s one of the largest unique communities on the platform. Community members use the food, foodporn, recipe and art tags (dessert and chocolate are also very popular).

Music is also very large, with 3.4 million unique participants last month. Members use tags like music, spotify, soundcloud, lyrics and bands. And interestingly, the most popular post type in the music community is the audio type post, but photo posts generate more engagement per post.

For all of these communities, no matter their subject matter, one thing remains the same. Tumblr is still home to some of the most active and engaged communities on the social web. If you’re interested in reaching a creative audience, especially in any of the areas discussed here, Tumblr should be on your radar. It’s like no place else.

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