Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Twitter

So you’re probably aware that a little movie called “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” opens this week. You’re probably also aware that this movie is a pretty big deal and a lot of people seem to be excited about it. So, how excited are they? Let’s take a look at what Twitter can tell us.

On the day it opened, Star Wars-related conversation averaged 65,000 tweets an hour with spikes up to 116,000 tph. Star Wars generated 2.0 million total tweets on December 17, 2015.

star wars arrested development

Every piece of Star Wars news has been obsessively tweeted about for months. In fact, the first teaser trailer for The Force Awakens generated more than 718k tweets on the day it was released in November 2014. It racked up more than 2.1 million tweets that month alone. That makes it one of the top most popular movies on Twitter of all time, and it was just a 90-second trailer! There was another huge spike of 873k tweets on October 19, 2015 when the last new trailer premiered and movie tickets went on sale.

Star Wars is by far the most tweeted-about movie of all time. It dwarfs even its closest competitors, like the Hunger Games and Avengers franchises. For comparison, the second Hunger Games installment (Catching Fire) generated 840k tweets on opening day and 3.5 million tweets in the week of the release. That was in 2013, and Twitter has grown steadily since then, so it those figures would be closer if it opened now, but they wouldn’t reach these Star Wars levels.

Jurassic World, which opened just a few months ago and was one of 2015′s biggest box office blockbusters as well as a reboot of a beloved franchise, generated a respectable 2.2 million tweets in the week it was released. That’s about how many tweets Star Wars generated on opening day. Star Wars is on track to generate 8-10 million tweets this week.

Update: Star Wars did in fact generate nearly 10 million tweets during opening week (came in around 9.8 million). And there were more than 19 million Star Wars tweets in the month of December.

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