Holiday marketing on Instagram

The holidays are a busy time for everyone, including marketers; you’ve got execute the campaign you meticulously planned out months ago, and hope your Instagram audience responds the way you want them to. So how do you get your brand heard over the hustle and bustle of all the #jingle #bells? We’ve gathered up some tips from brand examples we’ve seen in the wild to keep tucked in your bag of tricks; many of which are handy year-round and can be applied to other seasonal campaigns.

Great Instagram holiday campaigns

    • WestJet has become known for their impressive holiday charity campaigns, and this year they’re doing mini-miracles with Blue Santa and #WestJetChristmas. Takeaway: Blend your brand with the holiday spirit; giving Santa a WestJet blue hue works well for brand identification that still feels festive.
    • GE has created a scavenger hunt with the chance to win prizes at the end, and it brings together all of their business accounts at the same time. Check it out under #DigitalSnowGlobe, and read about it in more detail in last week’s Campaigns We Love over on our Tumblr. Takeaway: Interactive games and prizes are a great incentive to get your audience to do a little exploring of your brand that results in increased awareness.
    • Kohls makes their Instagram shoppable by creating images that direct the audience to the link in their bio in order to immediately be able to buy the pictured item. Takeaway: Use the bio link to your advantage on Instagram, swapping it out to enhance your latest

A photo posted by Kohl’s (@kohls) on Dec 16, 2015 at 7:01am PST

  • While fitness brands might be something you associate more with the post-holiday juice cleanse madness of January, ClassPass found a way to put a little holiday cheer in an Instagram post that didn’t feel shoehorned in. Takeaway: No matter the industry, a little creative thinking can come up with a non-forced way to add some festivity- and therefore timeliness- to your Instagram profile.
  • FitBit isn’t limiting themselves to a single Instagram post, instead using their profile to build out a bigger holiday picture in sync with their #6daysofFitBit. Takeaway: Like GE, FitBit isn’t limiting themselves to a single image at a time on their Instagram profile, but building something bigger that’s eye-catching for new and old followers alike; each post does stand alone, but ties into the bigger whole. A perfect strategy for an interactive game, like GE’s, or a festive countdown like FitBit’s.
  • Wiliams-Sonoma is all about UGC this year: Their bio asks everyone to share their bark pics using #BarkYeah (their peppermint bark is one of their most popular products with a number of spin-offs) and they’ve made several posts asking followers to share their holiday baking pics with #wsbakeclub, including one partnering with an influencer. Takeaway: UGC is a great way to get fans and followers more involved with your brand while taking some of the pressure off of your content creators. Just be sure you vet any and all influencers before working with them!

Tips for promoting holiday content on Instagram

Here are a few more ways to really maximize your Instagram holiday content:

  • Use a mix of popular and niche hashtags both in your industry and related to the holidays; more general hashtags will expose your photos to a bigger audience, but it’s also easy to get lost in the noise. Niche hashtags, on the other hand, are smaller but expose you to a more targeted audience.
  • Be sure your holiday posts still match the tone of your brand. The goal is to be consistently recognizable with your visual content while also being seasonally relevant.
  • Consider audience demographics: Does your audience celebrate Christmas? Hanukkah? Something else? Do some research on holidays around the year in your target audience; highlighting holidays special to them will build a more meaningful relationship.
  • Remember the golden rule of content creation: Add value first. The holidays are a very busy time for everyone, so your audience’s attention span is likely to be even shorter than usual. Use your brief time with them wisely, in a way that you both benefit.

Got any other tips we missed? Leave them in the comments, or come find us on Twitter @UnionMetrics. Happy holidays!

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