Get early access to a big update in our Twitter Trackers!

Big news! We’re upgrading our Twitter Trackers – how they work and how they look. We’re excited to give you the option to check out the updates today. Keep reading to see what’s new and how the Tracker has improved. Or go directly to your account now to see it in action.

What’s new

Most obviously, our Twitter Trackers have a whole new look. If you use our suite or are familiar with our Instagram, Tumblr or Facebook analytics, then the new Twitter Trackers will look familiar. If not, we hope you like the new look! You’ll notice things are cleaner and easier to read. We’ve kept all the former Tracker functionality, but updated its appearance.
Union Metrics Twitter Tracker
In addition to the new look, we’ve added some new metrics (like frequency and average followers per contributor, shown above), more clearly labeled metrics, and even moved a few others around. We’ve updated account Trackers the most, adding a helpful metrics bar to the Tracker overview. We’ve also improved the followers graph to better show follower growth over time.

And by default, new Trackers now show data from the past 30 days when you access them, just like our Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr Trackers. You can change this date range any time using the calendar date range selector. And don’t worry – all your archived data is still there.

To make sure you have some time to get used to things during this beta period, you can switch between the old and new look for the next month. Or you can move to the new Trackers and never look back. You can manage your Tracker preferences in your user settings.

Learn more

And don’t forget to log into your Union Metrics account now to see the new Trackers for yourself.

And if you don’t have a subscription to either our single-channel TweetReach Pro by Union Metrics or multi-channel Union Metrics Social Suite, now’s the time! Learn more here.