How brands can make the most of the Twitter archive

The Twitter archive is a powerful and vast source of useful data for brands and marketers. It comprises hundreds of billion of tweets from nearly ten years of Twitter activity. And it’s now easier than ever to mine that data to help inform real business decisions using the power of the full Twitter archive.

Union Metrics Echo Shorter GIF

At Union Metrics, we’ve recently developed a whole new way to access the Twitter archive with Union Metrics Echo. Echo provides instant access to tweets and tweet counts from the full archive. Using Echo, we’ve compiled a set of interesting brand stories based on historical data pulled directly from the Twitter archive. These stories feature a variety of brands and verticals, including Volkswagen, Apple, the NFL, The Walking Dead and more. They highlight some of the more interesting use cases made possible with access to this data, from crisis communication, product launches, engaging TV audiences and learning from shoppers on Black Friday. 

There are so many ways to tap into the immense trove of data available in the Twitter archive. Download our whitepaper to see how