Updates to single-channel Union Metrics subscriptions

We’ve updated the interface in our single-channel Union Metrics accounts (that includes TweetReach Pro by Union Metrics subscriptions, as well as our Instagram and Tumblr analytics). Here’s a quick look at what’s changed. For more detail on the full set of changes, read this.

Our top navigation has been updated with pretty new icons. You can navigate to your dashboard, Trackers listing, or snapshot reports (in TweetReach) by clicking the icons in the top left of your page, in that order. Your account and user settings menus have been consolidated into one menu on the top right, under the gear icon.

Union Metrics Tracker listing

Our Tracker listing has been updated to better display more information about the account, topic or hashtag you’re monitoring. The Tracker list is now more easily searchable.

For single-channel Twitter subscribers (also know as TweetReach), the snapshot listing has been updated to better display more reports per page, as well as the top level metrics from each report.

If you have any questions about the updates or where to find something, please let us know (or find us on Twitter at @UnionMetrics). We hope you like the new look!