The Week in Social #175

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 On content, influencers and storytelling.

If your content could use a boost (and that’s most of us), you might want to check out this piece from Wojtek Mazur for MarketingLand on How To Get Your Content Amplified By Influencers. Spoiler alert: The key is relationship building that is first and foremost beneficial to the influencer. And here’s an important reminder about what influence actually means:

“First off all, a word for the wise: Don’t be fooled by large numbers. An account may have many Twitter followers or Facebook fans, but that can mean next to nothing. How many of those followers are active and committed users? It is better to look for someone with an engaged audience.”

Emphasis added.

If you’re looking to boost B2B content, specifically, then these 10 Tactics To Maximize Your B2B Content Reach [Research] from the always-excellent Heidi Cohen are for you.

Cartoonist Rob Cottingham shares the best storytelling lessons he’s learned in Draw Me a Story: Six Storytelling Lessons From Cartooning for Shonali Burke Consulting.

Twitter's down

Brevity, humor and surprise are all recommended.

On specific platforms.

If you’re worried about Twitter’s announcement that they’re going to eliminate share count, Cision has a breakdown for you via Jim Dougherty in Twitter to Eliminate Share Count. What’s It to You?

Jack Simpson brings you all the wisdom he’s gathered from putting together monthly roundups of the best branded Instagram videos for Econsultancy in A marketer’s guide to Instagram video.

Up your Facebook game with Five Tips for Brands That Want Success on Facebook from our very own Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief Jenn Deering Davis.

Finally, on dealing with change.

Social media has an announcement about the twelve different ways it’s changing every week, and that can understandably get overwhelming. How do you deal? Mark Schaefer has some advice in 5 ways to calm down and not be overwhelmed by social media change at {grow}.

“So you see, social media hasn’t changed everything. I could argue that it has changed nothing, except that it helps us focus on the human elements of marketing that really matter. How do you work with customers in real-life?  Do that.”

Social media is just a new set of tools for the same old human communication we’ve been involved in since the dawn of time. If you’re still feeling a little overwhelmed, take a look at this photo:

social media change

And if it’s not knowing where to start in measuring your social efforts that has you feeling overwhelmed, we can help with that.

Image source: The Found Animals Foundation.