Introducing Echo from Union Metrics

We’re so excited to announce the newest addition to the Union Metrics product lineup: Union Metrics Echo! Echo is an entirely new way to instantly access and analyze the entire Twitter archive. With Echo, the entire Twitter archive is easily searchable in real time using a powerful query language combined with a rich, interactive visual interface. Now you can explore hundreds of billions of Tweets to find exactly the ones you need to answer critical business questions, inform your social strategy, and create better marketing campaigns. Learn more about Echo here or keep reading for more.

Union Metrics Echo Top NFL Teams Game Day Closeup View

Twitter is a data source like no other and the only social network where marketers can tap into the pulse of the planet and learn what their audiences think about their brands at any time. Echo can help you tap into that rich data source to:

  • Understand the true impact of Tweets during a brand crisis
  • Watch conversations unfold on Twitter as TV shows happen on screen
  • Research potential clients before pitching new business
  • Identify key Tweets about past events
  • Measure share of voice and monitor competitors
  • Never miss a Tweet again, no matter when it happened

And the value of Echo goes well beyond Twitter. We believe every social campaign, regardless of channel, can be improved by tapping into the world’s reaction to every event – big or small – whether it happened 90 seconds ago or nine years ago.

Want to see it in action? You can watch a webinar recording here.