5 steps to finding fans and influencers on Facebook

As Facebook increasingly serves as the hub for most brands’ social presence, it’s important for brands to proactively connect with fans and influencers on the platform, rather than just waiting for customer to half-heartedly “Like” their page after a transaction. So how, exactly, do you go about finding fans and influencers? We’re glad you asked! Here are 5 steps to take today to get you started.

Chameleon Cold-Brew on Facebook
Chameleon Cold-Brew on Facebook

1. Target friends of fans (without being creepy).

In How to get more followers, the right way! we covered running an inexpensive campaign to reach new audiences on Facebook. Well good news, Facebook has made things even easier with an option when creating an ad to directly target the friends of your fans. It’s a good bet they have enough in common with their friends that some of them will be genuinely interested in what your brand has to offer them.

2. Look at fans of competitor’s pages.

Pay attention to how they’re similar to and different from your own fans. Is there an obvious element these people have in common that you haven’t been considering in addressing your audience? Write down some ideas to incorporate in your content going forward, or tweaks you might make to the audiences you target with ads in the future.

Just do not, under any circumstances, message these people or make any kind of inappropriate contact with them. That’s the best way to turn them off of your brand for life.

3. Look at brand advocates to see if they’re influencers.

You’ve no doubt noticed- and hopefully interacted with!- any brand advocates on your page (anyone talking up your brand, recommending you to others, leaving regular, enthusiastic comments etc), or tagging your page elsewhere on Facebook. Are these people influencers in a space that would make sense for your brand to be more involved with? For example, a beauty brand who discovered one of their brand advocates was a lifestyle vlogger with a healthy, engaged following might consider reaching out to start a campaign or brand partnership that made sense for both of them. Exposing your brand to that influencer’s audience is a great way to grow your own with genuinely interested fans.

Chameleon Cold-Brew FB 2

4. Is there anyone your fans talk about a lot who is an influencer?

Who do your fans talk about amongst themselves? Set up social listening across your social presence and pay attention to who your fans consistently talk about; not just you and your direct competitors, but also influencers in your industry and adjacent industries. Building relationships with those influencers is a great way to build both of your audiences.

5. Look at hashtags for your industry not only on Facebook but also on Instagram; who has a big following there?

While hashtags aren’t used on Facebook the way they are on other platforms like Twitter and Instagram, it’s still worth looking through the big ones in your industry to see who is using them the most. This can be especially helpful on Facebook-owned Instagram (and you can definitely make some discoveries through Instagram photos cross-posted to Facebook) where a lot of influencers have large followings. Connect by following, leaving comments or sharing their content where appropriate, and generally working to build a relationship with them. If it’s a good fit, they should reciprocate.

Anything else?

From 10 ways for brands to succeed on Facebook, be sure you’re still using Facebook analytics to post more content when your audience is around— and keep checking on that timing, because it can easily shift with the seasons and cycles like school semesters, holiday breaks, and more.

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