A day in the life of Twitter Moments

By now, you’ve probably had some time to check out Twitter’s newly launched Moments. It’s an incredibly cool new Twitter feature that gives users a look at the best of what’s happening on Twitter at any given, um, moment (sorry about that).

So of course we wondered what happens to a tweet featured in a Moment. Does engagement skyrocket when a tweet is featured? It should, right? Let’s investigate.

Some Twitter Moments are very timely, featuring tweets about events that are happening right now. Others are focused on surfacing cool stories that are more evergreen and include tweets posted earlier. For example, this tweet from March 2015 is the top post in the Climbing Everest Moment.

When this tweet was first posted in March, it got a handful of retweets and favorites. But when it was featured in Moments today, it immediately saw a huge spike in engagement, which has increased throughout the day. It’s generated more than 90% of its engagement today alone.

Here’s another example from the International Walk to School Day Moment.

This tweet was posted earlier today and has since generated 22 retweets and more than 100 favorites. This is way more favorites than the average @PCArsenault tweet receives. Interestingly, this seems to be true for other Moments, too; most Moment-related engagement so far seems to consist more of favorites than of retweets and replies. But this is just a tiny sample, so we’ll continue to look at these patterns as Moments continue. We’re also curious if being featured in a Moment leads to an increase in followers.

It’s only been a day, but Twitter Moments are already a great addition to the Twitter experience. We’ll check back in with them in a few weeks and see what else we can learn and how brands can take advantage of this new functionality. What do you think? Have you spent much time looking at Moments yet?


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