3 things non-profits can learn from the UN’s #UNDay

UN Day

The United Nations (UN) recently celebrated 69 years of global service, and they celebrated with an awareness campaign using the hashtags #UNDay and #happybirthdayUN across social media. While not every non-profit enjoys the name recognition and historical establishment of the UN, non-profits of any size can take some tips away from this campaign to use for their own.

1. Using #UNDay to highlight the work they consistently do.

Non-profits constantly have to prove that they are worth continuing to support- even those as established as the UN- and it can be an exhausting process to generate consistent content on a limited budget that captures attention and encourages donations, or even just sharing. The UN took #UNDay as an opportunity to remind their followers of the work they do on a daily basis to improve the world, reinforcing the need for their nearly seven decade existence.

And they did so from more than just their main account:

Using a hashtag in this way across properties is a fantastic educational opportunity; some followers might not have realized that UNICEF was formed by the UN. These also happened to be three of the most retweeted tweets using the #happybirthdayUN hashtag.

2. Tapping into related organizations to boost their potential exposure, and therefore potential engagement.

Many non-profits are small and do not have several accounts to cross-promote their mission and work from. However, they still have the opportunity to reach out to similar organizations to help them promote their campaigns (a promise to do the same for them in the future could set up a healthy reciprocal social relationship for both, and even lead to future collaborative projects that would enhance the reach of both organizations!).

Alternatively, non-profits can reach out to government officials and news organizations to help boost their message. The UN had a lot of contribution to the UN Day conversation from these types of accounts; using something like the TweetReach Pro top contributors list can highlight who helped spread the word from requests, and who spread it of their own volition. Be sure to thank both kinds of contributors!

UN Day Top Contributors

3. Using platforms other than Twitter, but not in a way that strains resources.

The UN posted to their Instagram account about #UNDay as well, but repurposed a lot of the images and copy they used on Twitter and Facebook. The best approach to cross-platform campaigns with limited resources is to start with fantastic visual content and general copy, then tweak each of those things to fit each platform the content is being shared on. 

For example, a photo from this video posted on Twitter. . .

. . .was repurposed as a still on Instagram with similar, but tailored, information on it about how they work for peace.

UN Day peace

Similarly, they used the same image in a banner for their Facebook page that discussed UN Day.

UN FB banner post change

BONUS: Tap into established hashtags like #TBT that have spread across the web.

The UN shared the same Throwback Thursday (#TBT) image on Instagram and Twitter, in slightly different ways. Using established and popular hashtags with appropriate content puts your message in front of new eyes who might not have known about your non-profit, but could now be inspired to learn more.