The Week in Social Analytics #78

It’s Friday- but a day-after-a-holiday Friday here in the US, so this week is short and sweet!- and that means it’s time for This Week in Social Analytics and our favorite posts of the past week in the world of measurement, analytics, and social media. See a great piece we missed? Link to it in the comments, or tell us about it on Twitter or Facebook.

Three Ways to Break Through on Social Media [from The Wall Street Journal; written by Gary Vaynerchuk]

“Make something funny, or thoughtful, or provocative that nobody else is making (or, maybe more importantly, that is just better than what everybody else is making).”

Emphasis original.

What Marketing/Analytics Can Learn from Mythbusters [from Demystified; written by Tim Wilson]

“To be clear, the marketer (Jamie) is complicit here. He is the one who expects the analyst to simply dig into the data and ‘find insights.’ But, week in and week out, month in and month out, he gets the report, the report includes ‘analysis’ of the anomalies in the data and other scattershot true-but-not-immediately-relevant findings, but he doesn’t get information that he can immediately and directly act on. (At which point we invoke Einstein’s definition of insanity: “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.’)

‘Insights’ that are found this way, more often than not, have a perfectly logical and non-actionable explanation. This is what analysis becomes when the analyst is told to simply dig into the data and produce a monthly report with ‘analysis and insights.‘”

31 Ways To Thank Your Customers [via Heidi Cohen]

Not just for the Thanksgiving holiday.

20 Statistics That Will Drive 2014 Marketing Strategies | INFOGRAPHIC [from Social Media Today; written by Pam Dyer]

The year-in-review and prediction posts are starting to roll in; what are you expecting in 2014?

What Tumblr Taught Me About Writing [from Publishers Weekly; written by Tim Manley]

“The most important insight I gained by forgoing an M.F.A. program in favor of launching a Tumblr was learning that to be successful, I didn’t need a particular degree, or any specific family background or life experience. I didn’t have to apply to a writing program or have a friend who knew somebody. All I needed to do was make good content.”

Marketers Remain Wary of ‘Holiday Creep’ Backlash [from eMarketer; written by staff]

“Respondents indicated that they did not suffer from Black Friday and Cyber Monday tunnel vision in planning their promotions. Half of those polled said they would spread most of their promotions across the holiday shopping season, while only 13% said they would focus the majority of them on Black Friday and the following weekend.”

Also of note:

“The poll found that social media promotions, in particular, had grown substantially, increasing by 43% over the previous year.”