SXSWi 2014 panel proposals from Union Metrics: Social TV’s Evolution

We’re proposing two panels for next year’s SXSW Interactive conference, and if you like the sound of either one, we’d love your vote!

Last year, Jenn Deering Davis, one of our founders, did a talk about how Twitter has changed how we watch TV. (Miss it? Listen to it here.) Next year, Jenn wants to expand from just focusing on Twitter as a platform, and talk everything From Tweets to GIFs: How Social TV is Evolving.

So why should you vote for her panel proposal? Below is a quick interview that answers just that question, and more:

1. What inspired/drove you to propose a panel around this subject? 

I’ve worked in social media for ages (well, for as long as we’ve called it that). I love television. There are some very interesting things happening in the intersection of those two worlds and I enjoy exploring them at events like SXSW. A lot has changed in the media landscape in the past few years, and SXSW is the perfect place to talk about those changes.

2. What makes you qualified to discuss it? 

We’ve been working with TV, film and other entertainment companies for several years at Union Metrics, so I’ve seen a lot of this first-hand with our customers. I also have a PhD in communication technologies and, if you can believe it, actually spent some time in grad school studying the rhetoric of pop culture. You might say this is my legerdemain. Bailiwick. Whatever.

3. Why should people come to your panel?

Because it’ll be fun! Seriously though, I got great feedback from last year’s presentation on a similar topic, which I’ve incorporated into this new talk. I’m adding in new examples and updating the content to reflect the changes in social media marketing since last March. It’s going to be great!

4. What would you hope attendees take away from your panel? 

At the very least, attendees will hear some good stories and examples of how TV shows use social media. But hopefully they’ve gained some ideas for how they can implement these kind of strategies for their own brands, even if they’re not in entertainment.

5. How would you hope attendees interact with the subject manner of your panel long after they’ve gone home? 

Like I said before, I hope they come away with some useful tips they can actually use. But maybe they’ll also learn about a new TV show! If I can introduce a show like Archer or Adventure Time to at least one new fan, then I’ll be happy.


If that sounds good, you can vote for it here. We would never want to be accused of bribery, but there might be some more GIFs in it for you. And look out for an interview with Gentleman Developer Mando Escamilla about his panel proposal Career Autopsy: Lessons from 16 Years as a Dev soon!