SXSWi 2014 panel proposals from Union Metrics: Dev Career Autopsy

We’re proposing two panels for next year’s SXSW Interactive conference, and if you like the sound of either one, we’d love your vote! (Here’s the link to the first proposal from one of our founders, Jenn Deering Davis.)

Check out this quick interview from our Gentleman Developer Mando Escamilla on Career Autopsy: Lessons from 16 Years as a Dev to see why you should vote for his panel proposal, in his own words.

1. What inspired/drove you to propose a panel around this subject?

I recently started mentoring some developers-in-training and it’s been an amazing experience.  The students are incredible and driven and it’s been a lot of fun helping them out.  They’re all so young, and I’m so very old and it’s been nice to share my OH SO VERY LONG career advice with them. So that got me thinking that maybe I could help not just those folks, but EVERYONE AT SXSW!!!!

2. What makes you qualified to discuss it? 

I’ve worked in this industry for a pretty long time and despite my best intentions, it turns out that I’ve learned some stuff!  Well, only about 45 minutes worth of stuff.

Which, if you think about it, is pretty sad.  I think I need a drink.

3. Why should people come to your panel? 

Sometimes I can be funny, so that’s a plus.  I’m still a little bummed from my last answer, so I don’t really know how funny I’m gonna be.  Let me see:

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Tennis ball.

Yeah, my funny’s broken right now, so don’t come for that.  I’d say the free candy is gonna be the big draw.  Didn’t I mention the free candy? Oh, I’m totally gonna hand out candy.  And not the stupid cheapy candy – real, high quality chocolates and such.

4. What would you hope attendees take away from your panel?

Besides the candy you mean?  Well, I suppose I’d like for them to understand that their career is theirs alone – they can choose to make it what they want and they don’t have to just accept how things are.

I would add that I hope they DON’T take my soul away with them.  Ha, who am I kidding? I don’t have a soul.

5. How would you hope attendees interact with the subject manner of your panel long after they’ve gone home? 

Well, this panel is pretty introspective, so I’m gonna recommend gin as the primary interaction vector.  Some people are gonna try and tell you to use whiskey, but they’re wrong.  And then you’ll get Big Tequila telling you that life’s a big Cinco de Quatro, but we all know that’s just a cheap joke.

So yeah, gin.  Lots and lots of gin.  Once they’re good and sloppy on the gin, that’s the perfect time to start processing my talk.  I’m WAY smarter and funnier when you’re drunk – that’s just science.


If that sounds good to you, just click here to vote. Again, we would never want to be accused of bribery, but there might be some hugs in it for you.