This Week in Social Analytics #60

It’s Friday, so that means it’s time for This Week in Social Analytics and our favorite posts of the past week in the world of measurement, analytics, and social media. See a great piece we missed? Link to it in the comments, or tell us about it on Twitter or Facebook.

The Real Data on Facebook vs. Google+ (And Other Social Networks | Infographic) [from Social Media Today; written by Augie Ray]

Includes an excellent breakdown of all the G+ studies that have been done in the past few months, plus a series of infographics- interactive and static- showing usage by demographics across platforms. Fantastic breakdown overall!

 Social Network Growth


Study: Fortune 500 are getting better in Social Media [from The Strategy Web; written by Martin Meyer-Gossner]

“Twitter is used in eight out of the top 10 companies (Apple, Chevron, Exxon, Ford Motors, General Electric, General Motors, Phillips 66, and Wal-Mart). All these companies offer frequently status updates on Twitter. Just Berkshire Hathaway and Valero Energy are missing out. Interestingly enough, Facebook has got most followers on Twitter.”

How Social Media is Used in Education | Infographic [from Best Master's in Education]

A Social Media Pilot Program [for Education] in Portland Oregon, lead to:

  • 50% increase in grades
  • 1/3 reduction in chronic absenteeism: the school met its adequate yearly progress goal for absenteeism for the first time in its history
  • 20% of students school-wide were completing extra assignments for no credit
  • 35% improvement of chronic absenteeism by texting “WAKE UP” or “RUNNING LATE” messages through “TEXTS ON TIME” Program which didn’t cost the school anything

SM in Education

See more about how schools are using social media in education at the link above. 

How B2B Decision Makers are Using Social [from Marketing Charts; written by staff]

“Twitter is ‘primarily a consumption channel,’ per the researchers, with the main activity among those using it at least in some part for business reasons being reading others’ tweets (86% of users). Still, 58% have retweeted something they’ve read, 55% have posted a tweet, 54% have responded to a tweet and 42% have sought support for a product.”

The New Social Media Measurement Standards On Slideshare [from The Measurement Standard; written by KD Paine]

Do you agree with these measurement standards? What would you change?