Brands: why you should favorite tweets

A Twitter Quick Tip. 

Favoriting tweets doesn’t just have to be something you do on your personal account when you see something funny or interesting that you want to check out later. From a brand account, favoriting can be a good way to say thank you to customers who say nice things to you.

Instead of retweeting a compliment (which can be seen as self-promotional, particularly if you get a lot of compliments and retweet them all) take a moment to thank  the person who complimented you, and favorite the tweet. It’s a nice, meaningful gesture to the customer that lets them know there’s a person behind the account who’s touched they took the time out of their day to reach out and say something nice.

Faved Tweet Example

We’re only bragging as an example. 

Bonus? Favorited tweets are public, so anyone can go to your profile and see what you’ve favorited. It gives a pretty good impression of what you’re all about, and in this case a page with compliments in it might persuade an undecided potential customer that they should try you out.