This Week in Social Analytics #56

It’s Friday, so that means it’s time for This Week in Social Analytics and our favorite posts of the past week in the world of measurement, analytics, and social media. See a great piece we missed? Link to it in the comments, or tell us about it on Twitter or Facebook.

SMBs Most Often Use Websites, Social in Digital Marketing Efforts [from eMarketer; written by staff]

“The top three tools or solutions used by SMBs for digital marketing were websites, used by 86.6% of respondents, social media (77.3%) and email marketing (65.8%). These digital marketing tools were also deemed the three most effective tools in the same order, with 33.9% reporting success with websites, followed by social media (24.9%) and then email (19.6%).”

6 Clever Tricks for Social Media Managers [from Mashable; written by Kelly Meyers]

Take it from someone experienced in managing communities, “Establishing systems and using the right tools early on can save your sanity (and your laptop’s RAM)” and check out these six tricks.

Twitter Enhances Lists: 4 Ways To Take Advantage [from Forbes; written by Steve Cooper]

Handy tips for getting the most out of your Twitter lists.

Are You Really a Ninja? How to Rock Your Twitter Bio as Hard as Hillary Clinton [from Fast Company; written by Amber Mac]

“1. Don’t Use the Word Ninja.

It was a cute descriptor when Twitter launched, but six years later it’s now one of those buzzwords that’s overused and belongs in the social media gutter. In case you still can’t figure out why you shouldn’t use the word ninja, check out the actual meaning here. By all means, if you’re a member of a feudal Japanese society of mercenary agents, keep it in.”

25 Twitter Hashtags Used By Digital Marketing and Analytics Community [from Web Analytics, Behavioral Targeting and Optimization by Anil Batra]

Track some of these if you’re not already for great content, discussions and people on Twitter to follow and add to lists.

Tumblr Climbs 12 Spots On comScore’s Media Metrix List Of Top 50 US Web Properties [from MarketingLand; written by Amy Gesenhues]

“According to this month’s comScore Media Metrix report, Tumblr has climbed 12 places up the list of top 50 US Web properties in the last two months, moving from the 41st spot in March to rank 29th in May.”