This Week in Social Analytics #55

It’s Friday, so that means it’s time for This Week in Social Analytics and our favorite posts of the past week in the world of measurement, analytics, and social media. See a great piece we missed? Link to it in the comments, or tell us about it on Twitter or Facebook.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest – Complete Social Media Image Size Guide (Infographic) [from AllTwitter; written by Shea Bennett]

“This super-handy infographic from those nice folks at Tent Social contains, in their own words, ridiculously exhaustive social media design information (that’s image heights and widths to you and me) for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube, all in one fact-packed blueprint.”

Definitely a handy resource to bookmark.

These Amazing Twitter Metadata Visualizations Will Blow Your Mind [from Fast Company; written by Neal Ungerleider]

“A second visualization shows language use on Twitter. Metadata from Twitter messages also tells the language the tweet was sent in. In the United Kingdom, most tweets are in English…except in London, where a cacophony of foreign-language tweets dominate the visualization. Across the channel in France, a blip of color shows up from the tourists and non-Francophone migrants in the seaside city of Calais.”

Global study shows more journalists embrace social media [from; written by Jeff John Roberts]

“The Oriella Digital Journalism Study asked 553 journalists in 15 countries about their outlook and their publications, and reflects some interesting geographic differences. Here are some highlights:

  • 59 percent of journalists are tweeting in 2013, versus 47 percent in 2012.
  • Twitter use is highest in English-speaking countries, while barely a third of German journalists have a Twitter account.”

5 questions that nag social media marketers [from Ragan's PR Daily; written by Gini Dietrich]

“Social media isn’t about getting really good at Facebook and Twitter and YouTube and LinkedIn. It is about doing the job you’ve always done with the new tools available for you.”

Hidden Social Media Costs [from Heidi Cohen]

“Determining the true cost of social media as separated from other aspects of your business is tricky since existing resources often handle many of these functions. Even if it’s done poorly, social media take time and time means money. Without assessing the true cost of social media, it’s difficult to determine it’s true impact on your bottom line.”

Bonus: What do you think of the new Complete Social Media Measurement Standards put forward?