This Week in Social Analytics #53

It’s Friday, so that means it’s time for This Week in Social Analytics and our favorite posts of the past week in the world of measurement, analytics, and social media. See a great piece we missed? Link to it in the comments!

The five don’ts of social media ROI [from eConsultancy; written by Danny Whatmough]

“If, when confronted with a metric, you can’t give a good answer to the question ‘so what?’ then stop using it.

Technology has a lot to answer for here. Just because you have the tools to measure something, doesn’t mean you should.”

Twitter Emerges As Reliable Source For Vaccine Research | STUDY [from AllTwitter; written by Allison Stadd]

“Here’s the impressive part: of the 14% of tweets that contained medical information, more than two-thirds offered content substantiated by scientific research.

That means that Twitter can be considered a reasonably reliable source of information about vaccines.”

11 Things You Need to Know About Using Twitter for Business [from SocialTimes; written by Devon Glenn]

” If you can’t answer the question, ‘why am I here using Twitter?’, you should not be using it.”

Will Pinterest Or Tumblr Provide A Better Marketing Strategy? [from Soshable; written by Barry Welford]

“Taking everything into account, although Tumblr may require more planning and effort to create a presence than Pinterest, it seems likely that Tumblr will deliver a much higher return on your effort.”

10 Reasons to Consider Tumblr for Ecommerce Blogging [from Practical eCommerce; written by Paul Chaney]

Lists ten reasons to be on Tumblr, including:

“On average, Tumblr users spend 15 minutes per user per session, which is second only to Facebook. Also, more than 14 billion pages are viewed each month, according to Quantcast.”

Tumblr for Marketing: How Effective is it For Brands? [from PerformanceIN; written by Mark Mitchell]

“For brands, it’s a good opportunity to reach an audience they otherwise may not. Tumblr tends to attract younger users, who are media-savvy and enjoy a sense of community. Those brands who want to tap into that audience should seriously consider using the site.”

A Tumblr Ad Exchange Is Inevitable, Say Industry Players [from AdWeek; written by Christopher Heine]

“Although it’s unclear when a Tumblr ad exchange might come to light, Knight from X+1 said the companies ‘have good reason to slow play and test out the ad units they’d sell in the exchange, while selling them direct to see what the reaction of the user base is first—before they build an entire structure around selling that ad unit at a massive scale.’

He added, ‘But the cool thing is, once it’s built, the demand side scales up in a couple of months.’”