TakeFive with TweetReach: Brett Hartstein

Welcome back to TakeFive with TweetReach, our ongoing interview series with influential members of the Twitter measurement universe. This week, we’re excited to speak with Brett Hartstein of LeadDog Marketing. Brett has been working as a member of LeadDog’s Brand Promotion department for the past five years, having previously gained experience across industries, from marketing for radio stations across the US to working as a promotions manager at the WWE. We took a look at what all of this varied experience has meant to his current approach to social media strategy, analytics and more!


TweetReach: We’ve got one question we like to start everyone off with, to see all the different pathways people take into social media: how you got started with social media as a whole. Can you describe your first “ah-ha” moment?

Brett Hartstein: I got started in social media at my previous job as the promotions manager at WWE. We were doing a lot of actions on Facebook with the Superstars. It was amazing to see how quickly the fans were to adopt the new platform as a way to communicate with their favorite Superstars.

TweetReach: You’ve used our tools to track various sweepstakes and other hashtags and keywords for a variety of clients– what’s the most surprising outcome that you had (either from the results surprising you, or maybe a complete win-over of a skeptical client)?

Brett Hartstein: The biggest surprise to me using your tool is the wide demographic of users on Twitter. It is amazing to see an older demographic using this platform to enter sweepstakes or contests to win items from their favorite brands.

TweetReach: How do you work social into the rest of the strategy you plan out with your clients? Is it something that you build off of, or use to supplement other avenues?

Brett Hartstein: We use social media as a tool to spread the messaging of the promotions we run or as the platform to enter the promotion itself (e.g. tweet a photo of your favorite sneakers). The way we use it is dictated by the promotional concept.

TweetReach: How do you look at and think about the mix of different social media networks when designing your social media strategy? Are you trying different approaches with different networks? How important is measurement with each?

Brett Hartstein: The social platform that we use is determined by the nature of the promotion. Some platforms have certain limitations from a legal standpoint or a fulfillment standpoint. However, regardless of the platform we use measurement is crucial to us and our clients.

TweetReach: Let’s talk about consistency in measurement: agencies and marketers have had to use a variety of tools and metrics to analyze the performance of their social media efforts, resulting in inconsistent results. How important is the ability to measure and report on social media results in a consistent way to your agency and your clients?

Brett Hartstein: This is crucial as measurement in the social world is still relatively new, and you need to make sure that the programs you run are effective. Without a standard for measurement brands cannot accurately tell if a program was a success and if they should continue to use that particular social platform.

TweetReach: Thanks, Brett!

Brett’s 13 year career ranges from local sales/promotions at a radio station in NYC, to creating and executing various marketing plans for radio stations across the United States. He also has experience on the brand side working as the promotions manager at WWE. For the last 5 years he’s been  a member of the Brand Promotions department at LeadDog Marketing Group, helping to administer promotions for various clientele.   Brett has experience in everything from event planning/management experience, to marketing/promotions experience, along with  traditional/digital sales/marketing experience, and sweepstakes/contest administration experience.