This Week in Social Analytics #52

It’s Friday, so that means it’s time for This Week in Social Analytics and our favorite posts of the past week in the world of measurement, analytics, and social media. See a great piece we missed? Link to it in the comments!

Social Gives SMBs Maximum Exposure [from eMarketer]

“The greatest benefit of social media was increasing exposure, cited by 89% of respondents, while another 75% said it helped increase traffic. A significantly lesser percentage (43%) said social helped them increase sales. This points to social’s role as a brand builder, first and foremost.”

State of the internet 2013 shows extreme mobile growth, 500 million photos daily, 100 hours of video every minute [from Faves + Co.]


“About a quarter of people worldwide say they share ‘everything’ or ‘most things’ online.”

Research: Social Media Finally Seen As Essential for CEOs [from Forbes; written by Chris Perry]

“Today, we released a new report that outlines the benefits and expectations of CEO social participation. Conducted in partnership with KRC Research, we surveyed over 600 senior executives from 10 markets worldwide. The research found that 76% of global executives say they want their CEO to engage in social media, noting a wide-ranging list of benefits. At the top of the list was improved ability to share company news and information, a positive impact on company reputation and business results, and the ability to communicate more directly with employees, customers, and other key stakeholders.”

Home Tweet Home: A House with Its Own Voice on Twitter [from MIT Tech Review; written by Rachel Metz]

“Eventually, Coates says, Internet connectivity will work its way into all kinds of household appliances, especially “boring” ones like dishwashers and washing machines, allowing them to notify you on your smartphone when they’re done doing their job.”

Tumblr launches first in-stream sponsored posts on web following mobile rollout [from The Verge; written by Ellis Hamburger]

Mobile sponsored posts have racked up 10 million likes and reblogs so far, as Tumblr rolls out dashboard sponsored posts.

Corcoran: Tumblr an ‘incredibly effective’ marketing tool [from Inman News; written by Teke Wiggin]

“Q: Have you found Tumblr to be an effective marketing tool? What are its advantages and disadvantages? How does it compare to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn?

A: Yes, Tumblr has been incredibly effective for us. It’s our largest social media platform in terms of subscribers, with more than 115,000— much bigger than our presence on Facebook. We receive hundreds of organic interactions each day, and are currently growing at about 500 new subscribers per day.

We’ve found its simplicity, mobile optimization, ease of use, and connection to a different type of New York audience to be tremendous advantages for us…We find Tumblr a very effective platform for experimenting with new types of content. It was the forerunner of what later became our iPad app.

Tumblr also allows us to refine our approach to how and where we share our listings, which photos perform most effectively, and what types of properties resonate best with users moving between our interactive platforms. We’ve integrated what we do on Tumblr into everything else we do online.”

Emphasis added.