This Week in Social Analytics #50

It’s Friday, so that means it’s time for This Week in Social Analytics and our favorite posts of the past week in the world of measurement, analytics, and social media. See a great piece we missed? Link to it in the comments!

Using Facebook and Tumblr to Engage Students [written by & from ProfHacker]

“And though digital tools have become an integral part of our efforts to engage students, we’re continually surprised by unexpected successes or failures.

We found ourselves talking about just that topic toward the end of the fall semester as we realized that we had created similar social media projects for our students, one with Facebook and one with Tumblr. In itself, that isn’t so unusual, but the results of those projects – one successful, one not – pushed us to dig deeper for answers about what worked, and why.”

Researching in Public on Tumblr [from ProfHacker; written by Anastasia Salter]

“Writing a Tumblr post feels like less of a commitment than blogging: because the form is based on very viral, often short, content, it feels more like a living notebook where pages can be easily reblogged and annotated from others’ notes. The tags make it relatively easy to move through the entire network of content to find new conversations…Because of this fluidity and flexibility, I find Tumblr makes a fascinating start as an accessible research journal.”

Emphasis added.

Why It’s a Mistake For Brands to Ignore Tumblr [from Social Media Today; written by Jon Thomas]

“Tumblr has carved a niche in the crowded world of social media; it is just taking brands a long time to notice. But that may play in your brand’s favor. A few brands have firmly planted their feet in Tumblr, particularly now that it has a growing ad platform, but it’s still a place where your brand can establish a presence before its competitors do.”

Twitter Vines Get Shared 4x More Than Online Video [from AdWeek; written by Christopher Heine]

Unruly Media’s research reveals that branded Vines (see Doritos example below) are shared four times as often as branded Internet videos. What’s more, Unruly found that five Vines are shared every second on Twitter—so the non-advertising world apparently digs the six-second videos, too.”

Full study here.

Twitter’s 1% Generates 20% of Tweets [from Marketing Charts]

“Among the highlights of the study was the revelation that the top 1% of Twitter users accounted for 20% of all tweets. Expanding that out a little, the top 5% accounted for 48% of all tweets and the top 15% accounted for 85%.”

With Lucky Sort creators on board, Twitter is officially a data company [from GigaOM; written by Derrick Harris]

“At Twitter, though, data is a slightly different beast than at other web companies. Twitter’s value lies largely in real-time data — topics can be peak, crest and all but vanish within a 48-hour window. This situation has hampered some of Twitter’s efforts to surface optimal search results, and it has spurred the decision to buy companies such as Backtype (for its streaming-processing Storm technology) and parallel-processing startup Ubalo.”

Which Social Networks are Growing Fastest Worldwide? [from eMarketer]

“Twitter came in fourth worldwide at 22% of internet users, but GlobalWebIndex also found that the microblogging service claims the title of fastest-growing social network. Between Q2 2012 and Q1 2013, active users of Twitter rose 42% globally, according to the study.”