This Week in Social Analytics #40

It’s Friday, so that means it’s time for This Week in Social Analytics and our favorite posts of the past week in the world of measurement, analytics, and social media. See a great piece we missed? Link to it in the comments!

Advisers benefit from “listening” on social media [from Reuters; written by Beth Pinsker]

“Josh Brown, a financial adviser at New York-based Fusion Analytics who is known as The Reformed Broker to his 35,000-plus Twitter followers, says many of his friends at major brokerage firms regularly visit sites like Twitter, just to keep tabs on the chatter.”

Social Media in the Banking Industry [from Social Media Today; written by David Wittlinger]

“The mental hurdle that bank officers needed to overcome when starting out in social media was the fear of ‘losing control’ of their marketing message.  For many of the Marketing Committee members, platforms like Facebook were widely misunderstood.  A majority of time at the beginning of this project was spent educating the bank about how social media marketing works (different from traditional media) and how it can effectively be applied to create a deeper loyalty within their customers.”

Twitter Reaction to Events Often at Odds with Overall Public Opinion [from Pew Research Center]

“At times the Twitter conversation is more liberal than survey responses, while at other times it is more conservative. Often it is the overall negativity that stands out. Much of the difference may have to do with both the narrow sliver of the public represented on Twitter as well as who among that slice chose to take part in any one conversation.”

Pew Research Twitter Opinion

See the full article for charts on when Twitter’s reaction was more conservative, when it nearly matched public sentiment, and more.

The Content Crash [from Mitch Joel]

“. . .there is a common thought in the digital universe that goes like this: create relevant content and consumers will continue to connect with your brand. It’s not a zero-sum game and it’s not an all-encompassing strategy. It may be in marketers vested interest to adjust that theory to this: create relevant content and your heavy users may continue to connect with your brand.”

21 Social Media & Content Marketing Tips Tailored For Small Businesses [from Heidi Cohen]

Consists of “7 Questions Every Small Business Must Ask To Succeed” and “Actionable Marketing Tips” for each point

Dealing with Social Media Criticism: Deflect, Defy, Defend? [from KISSMetrics; written by Neil Patel]

“According to a study by RightNow, when customers did receive a response to their complaint, almost half of them were pleased by the company’s interaction, and 22% of those customers posted a positive comment about the company or brand. Keep in mind that this is the same company they were bashing just recently.”