This Week in Social Analytics #30

It’s Friday, so that means it’s time for This Week in Social Analytics and our favorite posts of the past week in the world of measurement, analytics, and social media. See a great piece we missed? Link to it in the comments!

6 Twitter Analytics Tools to Improve Your Marketing [from Social Media Examiner; written by Aaron Lee]

Thanks for the mention, Social Media Examiner!

Why Marketers Shouldn’t Discount Tumblr [from Social Media Today; written by Samantha Rupert]

Why aren’t marketers flocking to Tumblr? Tumblr has over 85.8 million users, and receives 17,970,132,992 monthly page views. Why would marketers neglect a blossoming social network with such a versatile interface?”

Tools, Process and Culture. . .Oh My! The Social Media Culture Chasm [from Social Media Explorer; written by Malcolm De Leo]

“Simply put, as consumers, we are hooked on trusting what others say to make decisions in our personal lives, but as companies and professionals we are extremely reluctant to use this same data to more quickly and efficiently make business decisions.”

The More Measurement Changes, The More it Stays the Same [from The Measurement Standard; written by Katie Delahaye Paine]

“. . .people are still saying that you can’t measure PR or you can’t measure social media because there are no standards. The good news is that whether they like it or not, standards are being set.”

This is Your Brain on Social Media [from Social Media Today; written by Brad Friedman]

“So, what would you give up to keep your access to social media? Studies show that younger generations believe their access to social media at work is more important than their salary. Some actually report that if they were to be prohibited from logging into Facebook at work, they would decline the position. Unbelievable? Take a look at the following infographic provided to us by Online Courses and see how much we love social media and why.”