Announcing ‘Plugged In To Gnip’ partnership

We’re excited to announce that we are Plugged In To Gnip with Gnip’s official partnership program! Gnip makes it possible for us to provide our customers with tools built on the full firehoses of both Twitter and Tumblr data. This ensures we have top quality data so you never miss a tweet or a post.

In addition to full-fidelity firehose access to Tumblr for our new Union Metrics for Tumblr engagement analytics and to Twitter for real-time tracking with TweetReach Pro, this also includes the ability to reach all the way back to 2006 with our new TweetReach Historical Analytics, through which we can access any tweets from the entire Twitter archive. You can learn more about how we use Gnip’s Historical PowerTrack for Twitter in our case study with them.

What else does this partnership mean? It means a number of things, but what’s most important to you – our valued customers – is that all our social analytics products are built on the highest quality, most comprehensive and reliable social data. We are committed to bringing you the data that you need to be successful with social media and our partnership with Gnip helps make that possible; full coverage, high-quality data is at the heart of all our analytics solutions.

We’re proud to be Plugged In To Gnip, and we’re working hard to bring you new and amazing things all the time. Check back often!