Announcing Union Metrics for Tumblr public availability

Last month, you may remember us announcing our first non-Twitter analytics product. Today, we’re excited to share that Union Metrics for Tumblr is now publicly available!

We’ve partnered with Tumblr as their preferred analytics provider to deliver full-fidelity analtyics built on the entire Tumblr firehose. With our new tool, you can analyze any blog or any topic on Tumblr. If you’re using Tumblr to spread your message and want to know what’s really happening with your content, then Union Metrics for Tumblr is for you.

Union Metrics for Tumblr
Quickly get insight into your post volume and engagement. Understand what posts are working and how the conversation is spreading.

What is Union Metrics for Tumblr?

Union Metrics for Tumblr can measure activity and engagement for any blog or any topic on Tumblr. We make it possible to get in-depth analytics on all the interesting content that’s being shared on Tumblr.

Similar to what you’ve come to love from TweetReachTrackers, our new Tumblr reporting includes:

  • Beautiful, interactive trackers to continuously monitor your Tumblr presence
  • Post and note volume to show overall engagement levels and trends over time
  • Top contributors and curators to help identify key influencers
  • Analysis of posts and tags to surface most popular posts
  • Post engagement details, including the full reblog tree and interactions over time
  • Full data export for further analysis

What does it cost?

We currently have three plan levels perfect for larger brands and agencies, starting at $499 per month. They all come with a 7-day free trial. TweetReach Pro subscribers will receive 30% off these prices, so if you’re currently using TweetReach Pro, just let us know if you want to subscribe to Union Metrics for Tumblr.

We love Tumblr and we especially love the diversity and creativity that goes into making it the wonderful place that it is. And we know that not everyone works at a company with the budget for these plans. So we’re working on more analytics offerings for everyone, including a version for anyone interested in measuring their personal blogs. That’s coming soon, so stay tuned!