This Week in Social Analytics #23

Hello again from This Week in Social Analytics, our ongoing summary of some of our favorite posts from the week in the world of measurement, analytics and social media. Enjoy!

How brands can turn the art of social media scientific
As she works with sports teams, leagues, athletes and corporate brands, Amy Martin of Digital Royalty combines what she calls cold (traditional) metrics and warm (social) metrics to track a measure of return on influence and discusses the direct correlation between it and revenue.

SEO Beats PPC & Social Media For Generating Leads
In a recent study of 500 U.S. online marketers by Webmarketing123, SEO is the number one source of leads for both B2C and B2B marketers, beating out both PPC and social media marketing. A handy infographic of the results can also be found here.

Stop the Social Puppetry for Klout and Other Influence Metrics!
In this widely retweeted post, Pam Moore discusses the recent changes to Klout’s algorithm for scoring online influence and argues that any measure of social influence should be viewed as just one of the numbers in the bag of measurement tools and metrics.