What’s the difference between free TweetReach accounts and TweetReach Pro subscriptions?

As you may know, we recently launched our new free TweetReach accounts. Since then, a few people have asked us about the difference between our free TweetReach accounts and our paid TweetReach Pro subscriptions. Here’s a quick primer, but there’s more on our helpdesk and we’re around if you have any questions.

A free TweetReach account comes with unlimited quick reports with our basic metrics, a My Reports archive, PDF and Excel report downloads. Quick reports will include the 50 most recent tweets from the past week.

TweetReach Pro subscription, which starts at $84 per month, includes unlimited real-time tweet tracking, detailed and comprehensive metrics, full CSV data export, and more pro-level features. The biggest difference between a free account and a Pro subscription is access to our Tracker, which is only available through TweetReach Pro. The Tracker is our real-time tweet measurement tool, which can analyze and archive all tweets about a topic – with no limits on time or number of tweets.

Here’s an overview of the features included in a free account and TweetReach Pro:

A free TweetReach account is perfect for anyone trying our tools for the first time, casual users, personal accounts, small business or consultants with a small social media budget. TweetReach Pro is our professional analytics package, good for companies tracking their earned media conversations, public relations and marketing agencies, social media experts running campaigns for clients, or anyone who needs in-depth and comprehensive metrics.

Of course, you don’t need an account at all to use TweetReach. There’s no signup or commitment required to run quick reports at any time. You only need to sign up if you want to save your reports or download them to PDF and CSV.