This Week in Social Analytics #22

Welcome back to This Week in Social Analytics, our continuing round-up of some of our favorite posts on social analytics, measurement, Twitter and other items that caught our eye over the past week. Enjoy, and please let us know what you think.

eMetrics 2011 NYC Take-aways
Coming off last week’s eMetrics conference in New York City, several measurement and analytics pros provided summaries of their key take-aways from the event. From Michele Hinojosa: Top Learnings from eMetrics NYC 2011, from Marshall Sponder: Overall Feedback from Emetrics Summit NYC and various other musings, and from Pamela Achladis: Smart Marketing Insights From eMetrics NYC.

Four Books + One Blog = Best Practices of ROI
On the topic of social media ROI, there are many choices for information. Chris Syme highlights her favorite sources for insight, including books by Katie Paine, Dan Zarrella, Olivier Blanchard, John Lovett, as well as Tom Webster’s Brand Savant blog.

Confusing Activity with Influence
Tom Webster takes on the “million follower fallacy” conversation and whether follower count impacts influence.

New Twitter Data: Optimal Link Placement for Clicks
Interesting analysis by Dan Zarrella that looks at how link placement in a tweet affects click through rates. Surprisingly, to me anyway, placing the link toward the front of the tweet is the most effective.