This Week in Social Analytics #19

Hello again from This Week in Social Analytics, our ongoing summary of some of our favorite posts from the week in the world of measurement, analytics and social media. Enjoy!

I Miss The Social Media Echo Chamber
Adam Price of SpeakSocial warns not to get caught up in the social media echo chamber, where you worry more about updating and reading your various feeds and networks and can forget about paying attention to your customers. Good advice. Customer insight wins.

Real Time is Wrong Time in Measurement
Katie Paine comments on Google’s recent annoucement of real time Analytics and suggests that “real-time” monitoring, while interesting to watch, can be short sighted in terms of the decisions you might make based on the data.

Klout, Kred and the Ugly Truth About Social Influence Measurement
On David Armano’s Logic+Emotion blog, guest writer Jennifer Leggio discusses several critical considerations to take into account when measuring and acting upon social influence.

Social Media and Return on Investment: Some clarity.
On The Brand Builder blog, Olivier Blanchard advises marketers to make sure they ask the right question when looking at measuring social media ROI. Measure ROI by looking at the activity and outcome you are trying to achieve. Social media may or may not be a means to that end.