The Week in Social Analytics #10

Hello again from This Week in Social Analytics, our ongoing summary of some of our favorite posts from the week in the world of measurement, analytics and social media. Enjoy!

Advertisers Begin to Look Beyond Facebook and Twitter
Recent research from The Pivot Conference and Brian Solis found that a majority of marketers are advertising on social media networks and most are satisfied with their results so far. Not surprisingly, the research found that future consumer online behavior will influence advertising on social media networks.

Report: The Rise of the Social Advertising
Brian Solis chimes in on the social media advertising report and provides a ton of great detail on the findings. As consumers spend more time on social networks, it is not surprising that brands are focusing advertising efforts there, but the rules for best practices are still being written in this relatively new space.

11 ways to measure the value of social media
Stefan Tornquist at Econsultancy discusses several ways to measure data from social media and turn it into insights and recommendations that can be acted upon to improve the business.

PR Primer: RIP to AVE?
Ogilvy PR has announced they will permanently abandon their use of Advertising Equivalent Value (AVE) to measure the effectiveness of earned media. Measurement pros rejoice.

Extreme tweets: How ESPN’s X Games social strategy paid off
In case you missed it, we posted results of an in depth analysis we did with ESPN on Twitter activity during the recent X Games. ESPN set as a goal going into the X Games to make the event as social as possible. And the analysis enabled them to better understand the effectiveness of the strategy and the engagement around the events.