This Week in Social Analytics #8

Welcome back to This Week in Social Analytics, our continuing round-up of some of our favorite posts on social analytics, measurement, Twitter and other items that caught our eye over the past week. Enjoy, and please let us know what you think.

The New PEO (Paid, Earned, Owned) Media Model
Greg Shove, founder and CEO of Halogen Media Group discusses how brands can streamline ad spending by optimizing their strategies for paid, earned, and owned media. By reallocating budget to support earned media efforts and balancing investment in paid and owned media, marketers can take their brand strategies to the next level.

There’s Influence, and Then There’s Influence
Valeria Maltoni of Conversation Agent describes how some influencers help make us aware of content and others help us decide to act. Good discussion on how to look at influence from both camps.

Social Media and R.O.I. – A Little Bit of Clarity
In case you missed it, Olivier Blanchard gives us a great reminder on some of the proper ways to think about measuring the ROI of marketing activities that use social media.