The Week in Social Analytics #9

Welcome back to This Week in Social Analytics, our ongoing summary of some of our favorite posts from the past week in the world of measurement, analytics and social media. Enjoy!

Chris Brogan suggests that marketers should stop worrying about how their online influence is scored and start using the social capital they have to build and nurture relationships with the people that really matter to whatever it is they’re trying to accomplish online.

Brand Measurement: Analytics & Metrics for Branding Campaigns
An oldie but goodie from Avinash Kaushik where he outlines seven potential outcomes of online branding campaigns and the metrics you can use to measure them.

The Single Answer to Every PR Measurement Question
Katie Delahaye Paine hosts a Q&A session on the site where she shares the most important answer to PR measurement questions (hint: business impact matters).

Marketing Metrics that Matter to Your CEO
Barbra Gago of Left Brain posts on the HubSpot blog about the metrics that CEOs care about and gives tips for marketers who need to manage expectations up the chain.

5 Metrics to Track on Twitter
So what should you measure on Twitter? Tara Coomans outlines her top five metrics to track when measuring the impact of your engagement and campaigns.