TakeFive with TweetReach – Jen Grant

Welcome to TakeFive with TweetReach, our ongoing series where we talk with notable members of the social media analytics and measurement community, pulling together insight, commentary and conversation around all things measurement. As always, please let us know what you think!

This week we’re happy to welcome Jen Grant, Director of Social Media for Intrapromote, a boutique search and social media marketing agency for some of the world’s biggest brands.

TweetReach: Welcome Jen! Let’s kick it off with a question about measurement. How important was measurement in your initial strategy for social media marketing and how has that evolved?

Jen Grant: The importance of measurement and proving ROI has become incredibly more important as our clients’ social media strategies have evolved. Primarily because more internal stakeholders are involved and excited to see results, but also because campaigns are maturing and we need to constantly adjust tactics for higher success rates.

TweetReach: What about about consistency in measurement? Agencies and marketers have had to use a variety of tools and metrics to analyze the performance of their social media efforts, resulting in inconsistent results. How important is the ability to measure and report on social media results in a consistent way to your agency and your clients?

Jen Grant: Consistency is extremely important! You’d be surprised at all the small details that make big differences when measuring social activities. Are you pulling numbers and running reports from Twitter on Mondays instead of Fridays? It makes a difference because Twitter’s API only holds data for 5 days and unless your brand is just as engaged over the weekends as it is on the weekdays, your numbers will be considerably lower.

Its also important to compare apples to apples. One simple way to do so is to compare the best piece of content from any given week.

TweetReach: For many, social media has enabled us to become more engaged with our communities. Most of us are in constant communication with our constituents, every day. How do you see integrating analytics and measurement into every-day social media activity. Is it important? How do you see this happening/evolving?

Jen Grant: One thing that social media analytics has helped me do is identify strategic partners within my social graph. I’m a firm believer in not making decisions solely on numbers alone, but I tend to get pretty strategic and scientific when I’m focused on a certain goal. I do extensive evaluations of people who I choose to engage with and consider “influencers”. Many of the considerations are subjective, but when I need to see reliable data and numbers, I rely on TweetReach.

TweetReach: Do you have any secret techniques, tools, or other Jedi strategies that you can share with our readers? Any best practices for getting greater reach for your content?

Jen Grant: Go by your gut. Do the legwork and research, but if your gut is telling you to go a certain direction, follow it — you’re almost always right.

TweetReach: Traditionally media success has been measured using reach, impressions, exposure. How important are these metrics when looking at social media campaigns? What else to you need to measure?

Jen Grant: The main reason I started presenting results in this format was because it was the only thing stakeholders were comfortable with and could relate to. After months of saying a brand’s “@mentions” had reached X, I had to throw in the towel, speak their language and make relative comparisons.

Other important measurements are engagement on blogs and other social networks, open rate of email subscribers, click through on campaign activities and overall engagement percentage.

TweetReach: Does size matter? David Armano has written about the importance of topical influence. What do you think? How important is the size of of someone’s social graph vs their influence in a particular topical area?

Jen Grant: I think size is relative. Someone’s reach is far more important. Also, since our agency is founded in search, the factors being considered by Google and Bing’s algorithms are even more important. We’ve done considerable research and confirmed the importance of many qualities held by influencers are rarely considered in traditional measurement.

TweetReach: Any examples of how analytics have helped you tweak a campaign or program for the better?

Jen Grant: Absolutely. We continuously compare reach and impressions for Blogger Outreach campaigns and tweak our selection process based on findings.

TweetReach: Any social media pet peeves? What practices irritate you the most when you look at the state of the industry?

Jen Grant: Social media pet peeve? Here goes – I’m just gonna put it out there – Klout scores!! I welcome anyone from Klout to call and explain their stuff to me, but after hours of evaluation and numerous conversations with industry insiders, I still can’t find any accuracy between what my Klout score and analysis is vs. what is happening in real life. The concept is great, but the data is always wrong (for me and my clients).

TweetReach: Thanks for your insights, Jen!

Jen Grant is Director of Social Media for Intrapromote and has been immersed in social media for almost 10 years. Jen is a social media expert having positively demonstrated the business value of Twitter, Facebook and various social media tools and applications and excels in blog marketing techniques. Her experience encompasses business development, sales and sales management, marketing, operations, staff development, coaching and mentoring, merchandising, and setting a high standard for customer satisfaction.

Jen creates and implements proven social media strategies at corporate levels to connect businesses with consumers and expand brand awareness across multiple industries. Her experience in building marketing strategies that are scalable and can be executed for brands that have many subsidiaries or locations is an invaluable asset to Intrapromote’s customers.

Venturing into new territory can evoke fear in clients. By walking through both listening and engaging strategies and marking the progress with milestones and KPIs, Jen helps social media clients realize the far-reaching benefit of social media as a marketing tool.