Learn more about your impact on Twitter by understanding retweets and retweeters

One of the best ways to measure engagement on Twitter is by understanding how your tweets (and tweets about you) are retweeted. There’s a lot more to it than just how many retweets you’re getting or what day and time you get the most retweets. You might also want to investigate:

  • Repeat retweeters. Who are your top retweeters? Who retweets you most often? These frequent retweeters are likely your biggest advocates – how can you reward and engage them better?
  • High exposure retweets. What tweets reach the most people and generate the most impressions? Sometimes just one retweet can result in a very large amplification. Do you know when that happens?
  • High influence retweets. Which tweets are retweeted by influencers? Influence isn’t just about who has the biggest following, but also about who can make an actual impact. Klout is one good way to measure influence, but there are many others.
  • New retweeters. Has someone recently retweeted you for the first time? This could be great opportunity to start a conversation or learn more about how someone learned about you. Engage with new retweeters.

An interesting note about retweets – did you know that Twitter will only show you up to 100 retweets per tweet? If you’re getting more retweets than that, there’s no way to find out how many – and who they’re from – from Twitter.com. You could be missing retweets!

Let’s look at an example tweet. This tweet was originally sent to 2,173 followers, and after retweets it resulted in more than 22,000 impressions.

This tweet was retweeted 6 times. Now depending on your particular benchmarks, 6 retweets might not seem like very many, but in this case these few retweets generated an additional 20,000 impressions, thanks in part to contributions from @rickoshea and @iia. That’s nice amplification! Plus, @pkellypr has an impressive Klout score of 56.

Truly understanding your impact on Twitter requires more than simple quantitative measures like the number of retweets of your tweets or the number of followers you have. There’s a wealth of informative and actionable data just waiting to be explored. Try digging a little deeper into how and by whom your tweets are retweeted.

If you’re tracking tweets with a TweetReach Tracker, then you can quickly and easily get answers to all these questions about retweets. We have tons of data about each tweet, retweet, and contributor who mentions your brand on Twitter. And we can track all your retweets, no matter how many there are. There’s a short demo of the Tracker here, and we’re happy to answer any questions you might have.