Track up to 10 queries in one Tracker

We’ve been working hard to improve the TweetReach Pro infrastructure behind the scenes so that our tools are faster and smarter than ever. As part of that, we’re excited to announce that you can now track up to 10 search queries in a single TweetReach Tracker! This makes it even easier to find exactly the tweets you’re looking for.

A Tracker can monitor unlimited tweets for unlimited time about a campaign or topic. Each Tracker can include up to 10 search queries and exclude up to 5 terms. Unlike other services that charge per keyword, the TweetReach Tracker allows you to comprehensively search for all tweets that are part of a campaign, with multiple queries and keywords for each campaign.

If you’d like to try the Tracker for yourself, our TweetReach Pro pricing is listed here. And if you’re already a TweetReach Pro user, check out these detailed Tracker setup instructions and get more information about what you can search for in a Tracker.