Monitoring your brand in social media

We came across this piece over the weekend from the BBC about monitoring social media, and how it’s no longer something companies can ignore. In the past, an unhappy customer would complain to the company and then tell a few friends in the neighborhood. Today, the “neighborhood” is global and an individual can have quite an impact with a well-placed tweet, video or status update that goes viral — and not the good kind of viral most companies are trying for.

Some companies find not monitoring Twitter or Facebook unthinkable, while others haven’t even thought about it. The article mentions a number of tools and services out there that can help not only pull in what people are saying, but sentiment as well. But this is a tough technical challenge – terms and phrases  change so quickly. Even Urban Dictionary has a hard time keeping up.

If you’re not quite sure how to get started monitoring your social media temperature out there, TweetReach has a free service to look at the last 50 tweets, but you can also get a much broader report for just $20. You can quickly learn who’s saying what about you or your company, your brand’s influencers, and all the people seeing tweets about your brand on Twitter.