Jose Cuervo drinking Captain Morgan under the Twitter table

Here at TweetReach, we’ve never been ones to turn down a good drink – and based on results from two TweetReach Trackers we’ve been running, neither have Twitter users. Over the last few weeks, we’ve been tracking keywords, hashtags and @replies related to both Jose Cuervo tequila and Captain Morgan rum – and an interesting battle of the booze battle has ensued. Cuervo is drinking El Capitan under the table by a measure of 7:1 based on impressions across Twitter, or 4:1 when you look at unique Twitter users. In September, tweets related to Jose Cuervo generated 7.8 million Twitter impressions, reaching a possible 2.5 million unique users, while about 1 million impressions (reaching 650K unique users) have had a bit of The Captain in them. See the graphic below for exact figures.

Some additional bottom-of-the-glass analysis also shows that engagement among those inspired by Cuervo terms on Twitter is much deeper, and in fact, may be bringing more exposure to the brand. For example, about 45% saw a Jose Cuervo-related tweet between 2-7 times versus about half of that amount (22%) for Captain Morgan.

Interestingly, neither brand’s website links to Twitter in any way, but both do have a Facebook presence. Neither have much in the way of official, active Twitter accounts either. So, even if you don’t officially participate in a particular social media channel, this shows that your brand can still be talked about and discussed there. And when celebrities and other accounts with thousands or millions of followers tweet about you or your product, like fake Gary Busey did about Jose Cuervo (which was retweeted 500 times generating 240K impressions), it becomes pretty clear why brands should consider participating in that activity.

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