How to make sexy Twitter charts for your CEO

We’ve all been there. Your company or client has just completed a product launch. There seemed to be a lot of people talking about it on Twitter, so back slaps and fist bumps abound. And then the inevitable happens: your boss wants to see Twitter metrics and results – with charts – on the success of the program by the end of the day. Gulp.

It’s typically been a challenge to say exactly what kind of influence or reach your campaign generated on Twitter. So what do you do? At some places, it sets off a three-alarm fire drill as the team scrambles to gather results from a variety of sources that are tossed into a weak-looking PowerPoint slide or two.

TweetReach Exposure ChartSound familiar? It happens at agencies and companies big and small, all across the country. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

A number of agencies find the TweetReach Tracker to be a helpful resource. This subscription service gives anyone the ability to track keywords, phrases, hashtags and URLs across Twitter, in real-time, during a campaign, product launch or designated period of time.

And the best part might be the sweet-looking charts and graphs that show reach, engagement, contributors and activity, along with key influencers who have used your keywords and phrases. Some of those charts are pictured here.

It’s easy to track pre-, during- and post-campaign Twitter volume so you can provide context and rationale behind key social media activities. Now your boss or client can see real results. With no last-minute scrambling.