TweetReach Pro accounts now support multiple users

TweetReach Pro Plans

We’re building TweetReach to be the best tool possible for measuring Twitter reach and effectiveness. To do that, we need to make it easy to share your TweetReach reports and analysis with others in your organization. Today we’re pleased to announce multiple user support for TweetReach Pro accounts. So what does that mean?

  • You can easily invite new users to your account using their email address
  • All users have the ability to run reports and review report results
  • The user that set up the TweetReach account remains the primary account holder and is the only one with access to modify account settings

As of today, all existing TweetReach Pro subscribers with plans at the Basic level and above can add users to their accounts. If you have a plan at the Plus level or above, you can add unlimited users to your account. Mini plans continue to be single user.

If you don’t have already have a TweetReach Pro account, there’s never been a better time to sign up today and start measuring your (or your clients’) Twitter reach.