New Language Support and @anywhere

We’ve rolled out two great new changes to TweetReach reports:

  • You can now limit your reports to tweets in a particular language
  • Use Twitter’s new @anywhere hovercards to follow your advocates directly from the report

TweetReach reports speak your language

More than half of the traffic to TweetReach is from outside the US and slightly less than half of our traffic is from non-English speaking countries. We’re really excited that so many of you are coming to TweetReach from all around the world and we want to provide the best experience possible for you.

Today, we’ve added the ability to limit reports to only tweets in a particular language using the “lang” filter. Here’s what a query for “día de los muertos” containing only Spanish tweets looks like: “día de los muertos” lang:es. To find only tweets for your language, you just need to use your two letter language code.

Now, every day is Follow Friday

TweetReach report with @anywhereGood analytics tools not only help you learn, they help you take action. One of the things TweetReach enables you to do is discover your advocates; the people you should be engaging with because they’re spreading your message.

We’ve integrated a new technology called hovercards created by Twitter as part of their @anywhere program. Now, whenever you see a Twitter screen name in a TweetReach report, just hover your mouse over it and you can follow that user with one click without even having to leave TweetReach. Just like that, you can connect with your advocates and start building long term relationships.