Add Union Metrics to your beer marketing strategy to attract new customers

There are now more than 4,000 breweries in the United States – more than there have ever been before. If you walk down the beer aisle at your local market, you’ll see how many choices consumers face when they go to purchase a six pack. With all this competition, beer marketers must find new ways to not only stay relevant with their current customers, but also to find new customers. Union Metrics provides beer marketers like you with tools to help you reach new customers and distinguish yourself from the rest. With Union Metrics, you can:

Track competitors
Pay attention to what other breweries are doing on social media and benchmark your performance.
Listen to the community
Get a sense of what customers think about your beer across multiple social channels.
Identify top contributors
Find the trusted voices in the beer industry, and learn how to work with them to maximize your exposure.
Drive engagement
Use metrics to identify top posts, hashtags and engagement times so you know what content to share when.
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Try our free Instagram account checkup to get a taste of our Instagram analytics at no cost. Our checkup analyzes the last 30 days of activity on your Instagram account to help you understand exactly what’s working and what isn’t.

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Handy resources for the beer marketer

Free social media strategy guide for beer marketers

Beer marketers face a unique set of challenges – and opportunities – when using social media to attract consumers. Social media is an ideal platform for inspiring future happy hour plans at home and out on the town, and a strong social media strategy can give anyone in beer marketing an edge, keeping their products top-of-mind for those looking to imbibe.

Our free ebook, written with the needs of beer and brewery marketers in mind, includes tips on how to improve your social media strategy. You’ll learn about creating the best original content, growing your audience, and finding the right metrics to track your progress.

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Social media strategy for beer marketers