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On Tuesday the TrendKite team wrapped up the #PRSAICON 2018 conference in Austin, Texas. We thought we’d share some of our favorite highlights. Got questions or something we missed? Tell us about it on Twitter! Big ideas Several themes came up over and over again, one of which was having purpose in your work, particularlyMore

We’ve been talking about Digital PR here on the blog for a while now, but October 7-9th is your chance to talk to us about it in person at the PRSA International Conference (#PRSAICON), happening here in our very own Austin, Texas. If you’re a customer and you’re already registered (or just local) let usMore

Whether your job title includes marketing, communications or PR, you work in an increasingly digital world. And that means your earned media and PR activities have an impact far beyond the publications you’re mentioned in, especially on social media. Social media provides a channel for your earned media to spread and generate a whole newMore

We’ve already talked about Digital PR and how it’s everything most communications professionals are responsible for in their jobs, but how exactly does social fit into the Digital PR landscape? We break it down. Got questions or something we missed? Find us on Twitter @UnionMetrics. What’s Digital PR? If you haven’t been part of ourMore

You may have noticed we’re talking a lot about Digital PR lately and we wanted to dig a little more into the concept and what it can do for your brand. Got questions or something we missed? Find us on Twitter @UnionMetrics. What Digital PR is It’s no secret that all aspects of communications haveMore

It used to be that sending out a press release was the whole conversation; ship it and the story formed around it. Brands and those who were in charge of their messaging were in control of the story from beginning to end. The press release was the end of the conversation. Now sending out aMore

Miss yesterday’s webinar on Digital PR? Now you can watch it on-demand here. What did we talk about? Here’s what was on the official agenda: It’s time to do social for PR right: Target influencers and measure full social impact to create authentic relationships with your customers and media contacts Scale marketing intelligently: Use the learnings fromMore

Since the dawn of digital, marketers have been able to prove ROI in nearly every channel except for one: PR. Join us to see how- fueled by Digital PR tech- it’s finally possible to measure, manage and expand PR’s impact on the entire marketing mix. What is Digital PR? Digital PR leverages trust across theMore

Social Media and PR: A Digital Love Story

Social media and PR have a complicated history. Originally used for marketing and brand awareness, social media is now becoming a powerful resource for PR professionals. It’s time that social media and PR make it official. Watch this special Valentine’s Day themed webinar about the relationship between social media and PR. We discuss: How socialMore

Miss our Valentine’s Day webinar Social Media and PR: A Digital Love Story? No worries, we’re here to share some highlights (and we’ll link the recording here when it’s ready). Got questions or something we missed? Find us on Twitter @UnionMetrics. Why PR + social? We discussed this more in-depth in the webinar, but theMore