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At Union Metrics, we strive to give you more than just social media analytics; we want to provide you with social media answers. Union Metrics enables all businesses – from small companies to the world’s largest brands – to optimize their social strategy with better analytics on the channels that matter most.

Social Analytics - Optimize content

Optimize Content

Learn how your content performs so you can improve it. Read more

Social Analytics - Encourage discovery

Encourage Discovery

Find the right hashtags to reach new audiences. Read more

Social Analytics - Build an audience

Build Audience

Grow your audiences to expand your social impact. Read more

Social Analytics - Identify influencers

Identify Influencers

Get to know your followers and fans better. Read more

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  • Union Metrics has become the cornerstone of social listening we do for our clients. It provides us instant insight and important metrics that help us measure campaign effectiveness. We tested many social tools before discovering Union Metrics to be the perfect combination of accurate data, attractive reports, and the right price point. It’s become a critical part of our social media business.Alec McNayr, McBeard

Multi-channel analytics for the social media platforms you use most

We believe in delivering simple but not simplistic social media analytics that start delivering value in minutes.
Ditch your ugly, bloated legacy dashboards and start monitoring your social presence with Union Metrics.

Twitter Analytics

Analyze anything on Twitter in real time – an account, a topic, a hashtag. Learn more.

Instagram Analytics

Monitor engagement with any Instagram account or any hashtag. Learn more.

Facebook Analytics

Measure the full impact of all your Facebook pages and posts. Learn more.

Tumblr Analytics

Track any public blog or keyword-based topic in full-fidelity on Tumblr. Learn more.

  • Trusted Metrics and Data

    Our reliable analytics are built on the highest-quality data sources available for each channel.

  • In-Depth Insights

    Measure your impact on social media with detailed insights to show you exactly how to improve engagement.

  • Report-Ready Analytics

    Get started in seconds. Our reporting provides the detail you need without the complexity of other products.

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Our products are used by nearly 60% of Interbrand’s global top 100 brands and more than 75% of the largest PR firms in the United States.

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